If you are considering adding a fireplace to your home, you may want to consider a factory-built chimney system. This type of fireplace has grown in popularity over the years. One of the reasons is because they do not take as long to install compared to masonry fireplaces.

Since 1986, Ace Chimney Sweeps has been providing the Elkton, MD region with high-quality professional chimney services. We have the expertise to handle every type of chimney and fireplace system. We would like to tell you more about factory-built chimneys and why you should consider this chimney for your home.

What exactly is a factory-built chimney?

prefab unitChimneys are available in two different types: masonry and factory-built. Unlike a masonry chimney, which is constructed with bricks and mortar joints, a factory-built chimney is manufactured with metal. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), this type of chimney comes with a fireplace to be installed as a complete system to work exclusively together. It is also known as prefabricated chimney. A factory-built chimney can provide years of comfortable warmth when it has properly installation and maintenance.

What are the pros and cons of this type of chimney system?

If you are looking for a fireplace for supplemental heat, a factory-built chimney system is a perfect choice. Most units are designed to be a decorative heating appliance, and they are not manufactured for heavy usage. However, with annual professional maintenance services and proper operation, this system will give you extra warmth even in the most occupied room.

How can Ace Chimney Sweeps help me with a factory-built chimney and fireplace system?

No matter what type of chimney you have or would like to add to your home, our CSIA-certified professionals is here to help. You will not have to worry about problems with improper installation because we have been trained to install any type of fireplace. We will make sure that you know how to correctly operate your new fireplace after we install it. We can help you prolong the life of your prefabricated chimney by providing you with superior professional chimney maintenance and repair services.

Considering adding a new fireplace to your home? Contact us today at Ace Chimney Sweeps to learn more about our professional factory-built chimney installation services.