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Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. has been in the chimney business for more than 20 years. That means that if it has to do with a chimney or hearth, you can trust that we’ve seen it, repaired it, and made it safer and more attractive. All the while, we’ve made it a priority to stay up to date on innovations, national safety recommendations, and our certifications with the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service (F.I.R.E.). Speaking of, did you know that most safety organizations—including The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Fire Protection Association, and the American Lung Association—all now encourage the regular maintenance of home heating systems and their chimneys in order to keep carbon monoxide, “the silent killer,” out of your home and away from your family?

Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. services chimneys and venting systems in:

  • New Castle County, DE
  • Kent County, DE
  • Cecil County, MD
  • Kent County, MD
  • Chester County, PA
  • Some parts of Hartford County, MD

In addition to our chimney sweeping, chimney inspection, masonry repairs, chimney repairs and restoration, and relining services, we sell, install, service, and troubleshoot wood, coal, pellet, corn, and gas appliances. We also offer residential Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, and installations.

Chimney Sweeping And Inspections

Why should you care about your chimney or dryer vent? There are so many important reasons (which you can read more about below), but most importantly: A well-tuned heating appliance that’s connected to a venting system or flue that is correctly-sized, structurally sound, clean and free of blockages will operate safely so that you can be assured that your chimney is not a fire hazard or a cause of carbon monoxide poisoning. The truth is that a well-maintained hearth not only keeps your home looking and smelling better—in addition to serving its purpose of keeping you and those you love warm and comfortable—but it also protects your family from death and heartbreak. Only a certified chimney sweep will be able to give you the assurance you need.

Our chimney sweeps offer Level 2 inspections that include an in-depth report on the condition and efficiency of your chimney. To gather this information, we use Chimney Data Systems® (CDS) with closed circuit video inspection. The Chim-Scan® video inspection equipment that we use is state-of-the-art, and all of our technicians are trained in the proper use of these high-powered devices. This video technology also allows our customers to see any of their chimney’s dangers for themselves, rather than just taking our word for it.

Those of us at Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. have seen the aftermath of chimney and dryer fires, and we want to do everything we can to protect your family. When it comes to heating appliances, it’s never worth the risk to neglect them. Schedule a chimney inspection today.

6 Really Good Reasons to Professionally Maintain Your Chimney and Vents

1. A chimney that hasn’t been maintained is a fire hazard, plain and simple. Chimneys that have been neglected too long often have creosote built up. This substance—a byproduct of fire—is highly flammable and dangerous.

2. A dirty chimney can allow deadly carbon monoxide to penetrate through your unlined or deteriorating chimney and into your living space.

3. A leaking chimney can cause major structural damage to your home. Putting off this repair only makes the damage worse and more expensive.

4. A dirty chimney can produce a bad campfire-like odor that permeates your home. The spring thaw and summer heat often intensify this odor. You don’t have to live with it all year long; cleaning your chimney in the spring can prevent soot smells in the house.

5. An uncapped chimney is an open invitation for birds and rodents to nest (and potentially die) inside your chimney, creating unpleasant noises and odors. These creatures and their nests also present a fire hazard.

6. A chimney or stove that hasn’t been professionally installed or maintained may not be operating at peak efficiency; may not be venting safely; and may not be hooked up properly or equipped with the proper flue size.

Our Affiliations & Certifications

Utilize the experts at Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. to give you peace of mind about the safety and efficiency of your chimney. Contact us today or click here to schedule your appointment online.


Ace Chimney Sweeps can clean not only your chimney system, but we’re also trained to clean your dryer and air duct systems as well, helping keep your home safe and healthy for your peace of mind.

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