Factory-Built Chimney & Fireplace Systems

Building a new home and want to make sure that your chimney and fireplace are up to code, working at optimum efficiency, and not posing any safety risks to your family or your property? Or do you have an older fireplace that you’ve been told is unusable because your flue is too small? Schedule a consultation with Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc., and we can help you find the best heating element for your home. Our expertise enables us to provide sound advice and information about your heating appliance installation. We are happy to educate you about safe fuel burning practices and appliance types. You may very well find that a factory-built chimney and fireplace system is exactly what you’re looking for.

In new construction homes, we often recommend that builders and homeowners use a factory-built chimney and fireplace system in which all parts have been designed to work correctly and efficiently from the hearth to the top of the chimney and everything in between. We work most commonly with the Ahren-Fire System, which is able to bring an existing masonry fireplace up to current safety codes, correcting most design problems. In addition, the Ahren-Fire system is great for creating an all-new fireplace and chimney. Ahren-Fire takes the guesswork out of fireplace design, streamlining the process with safety in mind. These kind of factory-built chimney and fireplace systems are great because they bring fireplaces up to code and are capable of radiating more heat and eliminating smoky fireplaces, all while requiring half the flue size of a conventional fireplace. They’re also durable and attractive, made of strong reinforced cast refractory material and a realistic brick pattern. There are eight Ahren-Fire models available for an exact fit in most older chimneys, all without changing your existing fireplace face.

To learn more about the benefits of using a factory-built chimney and fireplace or for help deciding if it’s right for you, call Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc or click here to schedule an appointment online.

You can also visit us at Ace Hearth and Home at 804 E. Pulaski Highway in Elkton, MD.


Learn more about the option of installing a direct gas fireplace in your home. Our trained and experienced technicians can point you in the right direction.

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