Chimney Relining & Liner Repair

Old, damaged chimneys often get the safety and efficiency update they need with a simple relining or repair of the existing lining. The chimney technicians at Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. are available to reline gas and oil stoves and fireplaces, as well as wood stoves. We use stainless steel liners on most of our chimneys, though we also sometimes recommend using HeatShield® Cerfractory Flue Sealant, which allows us to restore clay flue liners and saves you the expense of rebuilding or relining with a stainless steel chimney liner.

We often get asked why a chimney needs to be lined, especially since it hasn’t always been required. Even though codes and standards mandate that all chimneys now be lined, many chimneys today still operate without a liner. However, it is never safe to use an unlined chimney or a chimney with a damaged liner. During our inspections, we often find chimneys with eroded or deteriorated clay mortar, cracked flue tiles, or damage caused by chimney fire, water damage, and lightning strikes or settling. Because much of the chimney is hidden from view—including the entirety of the chimney’s lining—you may not see why your chimney needs to be relined until the symptoms manifest themselves in very obvious ways. Luckily the chimney industry has now embraced chimney video scanning to give homeowners a better look at the hidden parts of their chimneys. If we think your chimney needs to be relined, the inspectors at Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. are able to use the Chim-Scan system to show you why.

We take great pleasure in making upgrades to older chimneys and in replacing or repairing deteriorated liners. We feel better knowing that after we’re done, you and your family are safer because your chimney won’t be putting you at risk of a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). According to the CSIA, problems such as gaps, cracks, and spalling in your chimney’s flue can present serious risks to your home and family because your chimney can no longer perform its intended function, which is to safely contain and vent the products of combustion outside your home.
  • Building codes and fire standards. Building codes and fire standards require that chimneys be structurally sound, durable, smoke tight, and capable of completely and safely moving flue gases outside.
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA’s “211-Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances” reads in part, “If the flue liner in a chimney has softened, cracked, or otherwise deteriorated so that it no longer has the ability to contain the products of combustion (i.e., heat, moisture, creosote, and flue gases), it shall be removed and replaced, repaired, or relined …”

With more than 20 years experience in the chimney business, those of us at Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. have seen the aftermath of horrific house fires that were caused by chimneys in disrepair. Trust us, and don’t take chances with your home or your family. Our recommendations will always be about keeping your family safe.

What Is HeatShield®?

Besides installing stainless steel liners, we also repair liners with HeatShield® Flue Repair. Older chimneys lined with clay or terracotta are often best treated with the HeatShield® process. HeatShield® can restore your chimney’s clay flue liner and save you the expense of rebuilding or relining with a stainless steel chimney liner. This repair system eliminates the hazards and draft problems caused by gaps, cracks, and spalling in otherwise sound masonry chimneys. Read more on our HeatShield® page.

Count On Us

Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. is the top chimney repair and chimney relining company in Elkton and the surrounding area. We use the most popular stainless steel systems as well as the cerfractory resurfacing chimney flue repair product known as HeatShield®. Whatever your relining needs, you can count on us! Call Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


To operate safely, your chimney’s smoke chamber may need resurfacing to seal off dangerous gaps. Let us talk to you about this often-overlooked chimney service today to determine what you need.

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