Chimney, Fireplace & Stove Service, Installations & Troubleshooting

If it’s a chimney, fireplace, or stove, you can count on the fact that Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. has installed or serviced just about every type, style, and manufacturer. In our nearly 40 years in business, there’s almost nothing we haven’t seen or repaired.

That’s why we can’t say enough about the importance of having your heating appliance professionally installed and serviced. Incorrect installation and improperly sized flues and other components of your heating system can pose an enormous threat to you, your family, and your home – putting you at risk of both a house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

What Fireplace Products Do We Sell & Install?

We’re proud to sell and install:

Various shapes and sizes of fireplaces on Wall for display inside Ace Stove Store.  We service and sell woodburning, pellet, electric and gas stoves.

Our appliances come in a wide range of sizes, styles, fuel types, and designs. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re certain we can find a system that is perfectly suited to your needs. Eager to see for yourself? Stop by our Stove Store – we’d love to meet you!

Does Ace Chimney Service Fireplaces & Heating Appliances?

You bet! In addition to our sweeping, inspection, masonry, restoration, and relining services, we sell, install, service, and troubleshoot wood, coal, pellet, corn, and gas appliances. We also offer residential air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and installations.

Our Level 2 chimney inspections feature our in-depth report writing using the Chimney Data Systems® (CDS)® and closed circuit video inspection, the Chim-Scan System®. The Chim-Scan® video inspection is state-of-the-art, and all of our technicians are trained in the proper use of these high-powered devices.

Why You Need a Professional To Install Your Heating Appliance

Having your heating appliances professionally installed and serviced will not only ensure your family’s safety, but will also offer you optimum performance and save you money on fuel bills. Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. can keep your stove operating at peak efficiency and advise you on which appliance will work best for you and your family.

With our extensive training, experience, and education backing us up, we confidently guarantee each and every installation we do. Have questions or need help choosing an appliance? Reach out – we’re here and happy to help.

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