Were you disappointed by the performance of your traditional masonry fireplace last winter? Whether your heating bills were higher than you would have liked, your home never felt warm enough, or you were afraid of the pollution coming from your chimney, a stove insert can solve all of these problems. At Ace Chimney Sweeps, we are proud to sell both gas and wood-burning stove inserts in our online store, and you can count on us to professionally install these inserts safely and properly. We have gotten a lot of questions from our customers about stove inserts, so we thought we would tell you more about these heating appliances by sharing with you some information from How Stuff Works.

Stove Insert Image - Elkton MD - Ace Chimney Sweeps

What exactly are stove inserts?

Designed to increase the efficiency of a traditional fireplace, an insert consists of a fireproof box surrounded by steel or cast-iron and fronted by insulated glass to create a closed combustion system. These inserts were manufactured to be placed within a traditional fireplace opening. When correctly installed, stove inserts are much more efficient as a supplemental zone heater than a traditional fireplace. Some models are even equipped with blowers that will push the heated air back into the living space through front vents.

Tell me more about gas stove inserts.

If you have access to natural gas, you can choose to have a gas stove insert installed within your old fireplace. Extremely efficient, gas stove inserts can comfortably heat a medium-sized room, and the energy efficiency ratings for these inserts range from 76-83%. This type of stove insert is perfect for those who have become tired of the chores involved with burning a wood fire in a traditional fireplace. There is no need for bringing in firewood before the fire or sweeping up ashes after the fire. Some models are so convenient to use as they come with remote controls or can even run on wall thermostats. Ace Chimney Sweeps does recommend that if you decide to install a gas stove insert, you should be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Gas burns so cleanly that it can be difficult to determine if something could be causing the toxic, odorless gas to leak into your home.

What about wood-burning stove inserts?

Ace Chimney Sweeps understand that some people prefer the sensory experience of a wood-burning fire, and this is why we recommend installing a wood-burning stove insert to be able to enjoy the sight, sound, and smell of a wood fire while still maximizing heating efficiency. All wood stove inserts are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be sure they will burn wood safely, efficiently, and with fewer amounts of smoke. With the correct installation, a wood-burning stove insert reduces polluting emissions, wood consumption, and maintenance issues. Although wood stove inserts have lower efficiency ratings than the gas stove inserts, this type of heating appliance is still an enormous improvement over an older, traditional fireplace.

Considering upgrading your traditional fireplace with a stove insert? Contact Ace Chimney Sweeps to get started on this project and have a warmer home with lower utility bills this winter.