After searching for a new home, you have finally found the perfect house for your family. However, you should know that home inspectors do not thoroughly check out chimney and fireplace systems during routine home inspections. Chimneys could have hidden hazards lurking within the walls. To be completely sure there are no chimney issues in your dream home, you should schedule a professional Level 2 chimney inspection. In fact, national fire safety organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend this type of inspection for real estate transactions. For over 20 years, Ace Chimney Sweeps has been providing professional chimney inspection services to the Elkton, MD area. We would like to tell you more about this level of chimney inspection and expectations for our services.

What exactly is a Level 2 chimney inspection?

Several decades ago, the NFPA established three levels of professional chimney inspections. These levels depend on the circumstances involved with each inspection. For example, the third and most intrusive level is only required when necessary. You will usually get the most basic Level 1 inspection when you schedule your annual chimney sweeping or if you have not made any changes to your chimney and fireplace system since your last professional inspection. This level also includes a check of all of the readily available parts of the chimney to make sure the structure is safe and sound. A Level 2 inspection is required when you update or make changes to your system. It is also necessary if the chimney has suffered from a fire or a weather event and when you are buying or selling a home with a fireplace. This includes a Level 1 inspection plus a check of the attic, crawl space, or basement. Video cameras used during an inspection provide an up close look at the interior of the chimney. You will also have photographic evidence of any damages for insurance claims and real estate contracts.

What can I expect from a professional Level 2 chimney inspection from Ace Chimney Sweeps?

You can trust our CSIA-certified chimney technicians to do a proper and thorough Level 2 chimney inspection. We will take great care to inspect every inch of the interior and exterior of the chimney. Our staff will make sure that all of the connections to the fireplace are intact and in good shape. If we do find any problems, we will provide you with a fair and honest written estimate of the necessary repairs. We also provide a written inspection report and a copy of the video recorded inside your chimney.

Considering buying or selling a home? Contact us today at Ace Chimney Sweeps to schedule your Level 2 chimney inspection!