Some repair jobs can be done at any time. If your car breaks down, you’re going to fix it right away. If your central heating and the cooling unit goes out, you’re going to call in the professionals to fix it right away too. However, other jobs are best for the summer months, especially any cement or masonry work. If you live in Elkton, Maryland or the surrounding counties in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or Maryland, you know that those beautiful, warm days are finally here! If you’re looking for masonry work, you can count on the expert masons from Ace Chimney Sweeps to take care of it all.

How to Know that Your Chimney Needs Repairs

masonry chimney image - Elkton MD - Ace Chimney SweepsNow that the weather is so nice, you should take a walk around your house and scope out your chimney. If you see that there are flakes or white specks on the ground around the chimney, it’s called spalling. It indicates that there’s a problem with your mortar. You can feel the existing mortar as well if it’s soft or crumbly, it’s likely time for repairs. In this case, we’ll recommend tuckpointing. We’ll take the old, weak mortar out from between the bricks using special tools. Then, we’ll replace it with new, strong mortar to match your existing mortar.

The best way to tell if your chimney needs repairs are to hire a professional chimney sweep to inspect your chimney for repairs. Over the winter, you use your chimney a lot, and that means your chimney likely have a layer of creosote build up. It may also have experienced a chimney fire without you being aware of it. If this is the case, there are the repair that needs to be done before you use your fireplace again.

If you need mortar replacement or other chimney repairs, warm weather is the best time to address them. Mortar needs to dry properly, and that happens best at temperatures above forty degrees. That’s why now is such a great time to call us!

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