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Chimneys can leak for lots of reasons, but we often find that the culprit is faulty flashing. If that’s the case for your household, you’ll want to attack the problem quickly – before your leaking chimney leads to wood rot and damage to your roof, attic, and ceilings.

Many times, upon inspection, we see that the caulking has worked loose and a simple re-caulking will solve the leaking problem. Occasionally, though, the old flashing will need to be replaced entirely to stop your chimney from leaking.

The good news? Leaky flashing can usually be fixed quite easily – and inexpensively – by one of our chimney technicians – the sooner you call in, the better, though! Reach out now to get started.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Flashing is the sheet metal that wraps around the intersection of the chimney and roof to keep it watertight. Seems simple enough, but there’s a pretty specific technique for flashing installation to ensure that water does not enter your chimney.

In this process, some of the sheet metal is woven into the shingles and folded along the side of the chimney, while some is embedded in the chimney mortar joints. This layering is what really keeps the water out, so having the flashing installed correctly is crucial for a watertight job that won’t leak.

Water most often tends to penetrate the flashing at the corners. Knowing this, Ace Chimney Sweeps, Inc. seals all corners with a high-quality urethane caulk. Combined with the proper overlapping of sheet metal, this creates a seal that prevents water from getting in for the long haul.

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Is DIY Flashing Installation an Option for Me?

It’s best to leave this job to a chimney professional because it will help your flashing better stand up to time and to the elements. Flashing that’s been installed incorrectly becomes loose, torn, or cracked much more quickly, and the caulk can come loose.

When we do a chimney flashing job, we first take measurements of your chimney. Then we do custom sheet metal work, creating all the pieces needed to wrap around all angles of your chimney where it intersects with the roofline. It’s a process that our techs have mastered, but one in which even the most avid DIY-er can miss important steps.

Spotting Some Water Damage? Call Us In!

At the first sign of a leaky chimney, you should have a professional come out to do a visual inspection of your chimney system. If flashing has been ruled out as the source of the leak, your chimney may be leaking because it needs relining, or it may need a new rainhood or chimney cap.

To prevent your chimney from leaking, we recommend having it professionally waterproofed. Call us today to set up your inspection or schedule an appointment online!


You can help make chimney leaks a thing of the past when you have us install a new chimney cap. Ask us for more information today.

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