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If you have a fireplace, you need a damper – and one in great working order to maximize the value and energy efficiency it should provide. In fact, if your fireplace doesn’t have a damper, you might as well throw wads of cash out of your chimney, as a chimney without a damper can eat up at least 25% of your home’s energy costs.

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What Is a Chimney Damper?

Whether your chimney has a throat damper or a top-sealing damper, the damper’s job is to prevent heat and air conditioning – and your hard-earned money – from escaping when you’re not using your fireplace.

  • Top-Sealing Dampers: Found at the very top of the chimney, the top-sealing damper is a metal spring door designed to make your chimney as airtight as possible. Dampers also seal out downdrafts, animals, and rain. The top-sealing damper is opened and closed with an extended metal chain that you can access from your fireplace.
  • Throat Dampers: Throat dampers are situated in the “throat” of the chimney, right above your fireplace’s firebox.

The best damper models will provide you with major energy savings, while cheap or damaged chimney dampers won’t do much to move the needle on your electricity bill.

Chimney diagram showing the parts of a chimney

What Do Chimney Dampers Do?

We’ve already told you that a damper will save you money because it closes your chimney flue when you’re not using it, keeping warm or cool air inside your house where it belongs. But energy savings aren’t the only reason you’ll want to keep your damper in good shape.

Broken or damaged dampers can also make your fireplace and chimney unsafe. If, after years of soot buildup and water damage, a damper doesn’t open all the way, the flow of air into the chimney gets impeded. This allows creosote to flourish. Creosote is a highly flammable residue that sticks to the walls of your chimney.

To sum up, dampers ensure the following:

  • They help with saving on energy costs right away
  • They keep rain and snow out of your chimney
  • They keep pests like opossums, birds, and wasps out of your chimney
  • They prevent costly chimney and home repairs down the road
  • They’re easy to use and come with a warranty

Ensure Optimal Efficiency By Working With Us

It’s recommended that you have your chimney, damper included, inspected annually to keep your heating appliance running safely and efficiently. Ace Chimney Sweeps proudly offers lifetime warranties on our top-sealing damper installations. We are happy to install or repair your chimney’s damper.

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