Lounging around the cozy fireplace offers a great escape during harsh East coast winters. Whether you’re enjoying a drink with your partner, snuggled up on the couch, or you’re surrounded by family during the holidays, a warm crackling fire often serves as the ideal gathering spot. The best memories are made sitting around the fire – from recalling great childhood holidays to celebrating time with family to simply losing yourself in the beauty of the flickering fire. Those lucky enough to have a fireplace understand the important role a fireplace takes in a home. For those who do not have a fireplace, choosing and having one installed can seem daunting, but the process is easier than you think.

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Types of Fireplaces

Just as with any home appliance, the amount of fireplace options for your home is endless. From the way the fireplace is powered, to the brand, to the interior design, to the installation, the choices can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are just two important factors you need to consider: how the fireplace is powered and how the fireplace is manufactured. The rest of the choices are fun and personal to your particular taste.

First, determine the power source of your fireplace. The two traditional options are gas-powered fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces. A gas-powered fireplace uses the gas line already installed in the home to fuel the fire, while a wood-burning fireplace requires a continual source of firewood. Gas fireplaces have become more popular because the consistent fuel source and low maintenance offer extraordinary convenience. The fire turns on immediately and provides instant heat. On the other hand, wood-burning fireplaces do create that lovely crackling sound and the scent of a fire, but they can be costly. The fire takes time to light and heat up, meaning the warm air in your home will escape through the flue; the fire requires constant addition of wood to maintain the flames; and the chimney and fireplace need regular cleaning to eliminate the built up ash, which can be a messy job.

The other factor you should consider is the way your fireplace is manufactured. Your options include a custom fireplace, designed specifically for your home, and a factory-built fireplace. The benefits of a custom fireplace are that you help design each aspect of the fireplace and every last detail will suit your taste. However, custom-built fireplaces cost significantly more than factory-built units and you run the risk of receiving a fireplace that does not meet codes and may even pose danger to your health and home. Factory-built fireplaces are regulated, meaning they meet all the codes for proper ventilation and safe flue dimensions. Having a fireplace up to code prevents indoor air pollution and the risk of an uncontrolled fire in the home. In addition, factory-built fireplaces come in a large variety of styles, the interior design of the fireplace can still be customized, and the fireplaces are considerably more affordable.

Installing the Fireplace

Now that you have chosen the fireplace of your dreams, you’ll need an expert to install it. If you live in Elkton, Maryland or the surrounding area, contact Ace Chimney Sweeps for a professional fireplace consultation. These certified experts will help make a potentially overwhelming project simple and affordable.