In an effort to stay warm in this chilly weather, many homeowners have already begun using their fireplaces and wood stoves. Safely utilizing the fireplace means taking proper care of it and the chimney. For most people, the first step to chimney maintenance is to have the chimney swept to remove any obstructions and built up creosote. Next, people commonly have an inspection done to ensure the fireplace and chimney are in good working order. Unfortunately, most basic inspections are done with the bare eye looking into the chimney from inside the fireplace and from on top of the roof. With this limited view, issues inside the chimney can go unnoticed, including problems like missing or broken flue tiles. Luckily, a quick camera inspection can check for this, and HeatShield products can fix the problem.

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Flue tiles line the inside of the chimney to protect it from damages caused by heat, smoke and even water dripping into the chimney. These flue tiles also separate the heat of the fire from the combustible materials used to build the house, which guards against unintentional house fires. A study conducted by the National Bureau of Standards showed that it takes under four hours for the adjacent woodwork to catch fire when the fire is burned underneath an unlined chimney. For your home and family, having those tiles broken or missing means everyone’s safety is at risk.

A professional evaluation of the flue is the first step toward guarding the home against the consequences of broken or missing flue tiles. Upon completing the evaluation, the specialist can repair various levels of damage using HeatShield products. For example, if the flue tiles simply need missing mortar filled in, a HeatShield flue sealant can be applied to the interior of the chimney using a custom made application blade.

When the flue tiles have suffered from slightly more damage, including cracks and small holes, the specialist may choose to use the Resurfacing System. Here, a special primer prepares the interior of the chimney for HeatShield. After the subsequent application of HeatShield flue sealant, the lining in the flue can safely protect the chimney and home.

If the chimney has large areas of flue tile missing or has no lining at all, it needs expert attention right away to prevent the inevitable house fire. The expert will first apply the HeatShield flue sealant, followed by a custom fitted sheet of steel fabric. A second layer of HeatShield flue sealant over the steel fabric sets it in place, and the chimney can now be used safely.

To guarantee a safe and proper installation, only professionals should use HeatShield products. If you live in the area of Elkton, Maryland, you can reach a HeatShield expert by contacting Ace Chimney Sweeps.