When you are looking for a home to purchase, a home inspection can be very important in your decision making. A certified home inspector examines the different systems (electrical and plumbing, for example) as well as the structure and foundation of the house. If you are wanting a home with a fireplace, the home inspector will check out the chimney and venting system; however, he or she most likely will not be certified in chimney inspections. Additionally, home inspectors are not required to examine fireplaces and chimneys as thoroughly as other parts of homes. For safety reasons, it is essential to have the chimney inspected by a certified chimney professional. At Ace Chimney Sweeps, our chimney technicians have been trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), and the Fireplace Investigation, Research, and Education Service (F.I.R.E.). We would like to tell you more about these important certifications to help you understand exactly why a professional fireplace and chimney inspection from Ace Chimney Sweeps should be part of your home buying process.


Chimney Certifications - Elkton MD - Ace Chimney Sweeps

In order to receive certification from the CSIA, our chimney sweeps begin by attending a review session (either in-person or online) or enrolling in the week-long National Chimney Sweep Training School. Both of these educational programs focus on three books: the 2011 edition of Successful Chimney Sweeping, the 2013 edition of the National Fire Protection Association 211 Standards, and the 2006 edition of International Residential Code. After completing the educational review, our sweeps must pass two exams that are based on those three texts. Once they have successfully passed these exams, they must then sign the CSIA Code of Ethics and agree to follow this code when rendering chimney maintenance and repair services. Known as the industry standard, the CSIA certification guarantees that you can trust a CSIA-certified chimney sweep to uphold the high standards and ethics of this organization.


The non-profit organization, the NFI provides three different certifications through detailed examinations that include safety and placement regulations and requirements when installing fireplaces and other heating appliances to ensure proper ventilation. The different certifications are based on fuel types, so a chimney professional can become certified as a NFI Gas, Woodburning, and/or Pellet Specialist. You can count on our NFI-certified specialists to properly inspect the fireplace in the home you wish to buy. We can also install any type of fireplace, stove, or insert if you wish to make an update.


Sometimes a chimney fire can occur without the homeowner realizing it, and this can lead to a hazardous situation. To ensure whether or not the chimney has suffered a fire before you buy a home, our chimney experts have also received training and certification from the F.I.R.E. This credential provides the skills needed to properly investigate chimney fires and other issues when inspecting fireplaces, chimneys, and other heating appliances. We guarantee that the fireplace and chimney system in the home you want to purchase works safely and poses no safety issues.

As you can see, these certifications give our chimney professionals the needed expertise to inspect fireplaces and chimneys. If you are planning to buy a home with a fireplace, contact us at Ace Chimney Sweeps to schedule an appointment for our certified inspection services.