Now that spring has arrived, many homeowners are busy with their deep cleaning routines. There are a few home maintenance tasks that require professionals. Make sure you add professional chimney services to your spring cleaning list with Ace Chimney sweeps. We have been sweeping and inspecting chimneys across the Elkton, MD area for over 20 years. You can trust our skilled and experienced chimney sweeps because they have been trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We would like to tell you why you need to have your chimney professionally swept and inspected every year.

Why is it so important to have my chimney professionally maintained each year?chimney sweep on roof next to red brick chimney - Elkton MD - Ace Chimney Sweeps

We are often asked if it is necessary to have their chimneys professionally swept and inspected every year. The answer is yes if you want to avoid a chimney fire. The biggest reason you need to schedule us to take care of your chimney each year is to remove all of the creosote deposits that have built up inside your chimney over the winter. Creosote develops naturally during the combustion process of burning wood, and this compound not only causes unpleasant odors that can invade your home in the humid summer months, but it is also highly flammable. In fact, CSIA has named it as a leading cause of chimney fires.

What can I expect from Ace Chimney Sweeps when you come to my home to sweep and inspect my chimney?

Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will arrive on time and will begin by laying down tarps and drop cloths around the area in front of the fireplace. This protects your home from soot, dirt, and other debris that will fall down the chimney as we sweep. After we set up the high-powered vacuum into the chimney, we will begin sweeping the flue. We use specialized tools, such as rotating brushes on extended rods. We will also check out the condition of the interior chimney components, including the damper. After we are finished inside, we will take a look at the exterior of your chimney to see if there are any damaged or missing bricks and mortar joints. Since this type of damage can lead to more extensive water damage and deterioration, it should be repaired quickly.

If we do find any problems, we will give you a written estimate of the needed repairs with pictures of the damaged masonry. You will also get a written report on the condition of your chimney and fireplace system.

Keeping your chimney professionally maintained is essential for the system to work efficiently and safely. Contact us today at Ace Chimney Sweeps to make your annual chimney maintenance appointment with one of our CSIA-certified chimney professionals.