Have you noticed your heating bills increasing this winter? Do you wish your older masonry fireplace provided more heat to your home? If you are wanting more heat and lower heating bills, it is time to start thinking about an alternative to your old fireplace. A pellet stove or fireplace insert can be the answer to your heating problems. Ace Chimney Sweeps sells and installs a variety of these environmentally friendly heating appliances, and we would like to tell you more about the pros and cons of pellet stoves to help you decide whether or not this type of alternative heating appliance is right for your home.


Pellet stoves burn cleanly and produce less smoke.Heating Alternatives - Elkton MD - Ace Chimney Sweeps

The process of burning pellets is highly efficient without a lot of moisture. You will never have to worry about the room filling with smoke since pellet stoves produce very little smoke. Fewer emissions and harmful gases are released into the air as the pellet stove is being used.

Pellet stoves are convenient and easy to use.

The wood pellets are tightly condensed and are available in 40-pound bags, which require less storage space than firewood. According to Mother Earth News, pellets require 80 cubic feet per ton, while a cord of firewood that can produce the same amount of heat needs at least 128 cubic feet. The pellets are easy to load into the hopper on the stove, and that is all you really need to do, along with turning your stove on.

Pellet stoves are environmentally and economically friendly.

Pellets are made from recycled wood from sawmills. The pellets are formed from compacted wood shavings and sawdust. Plus, you will enjoy being able to heat your home with less money. The average cost of heating a home with a pellet stove is $50 a month.


Pellet stoves need electricity to operate.

Because of the internal components that require electricity, you will not be able to use your pellet stove if the power goes out in a winter storm. However, some models do come with battery backups, although those usually last for eight hours.

Pellets can be difficult to find.

In some parts of the country, you may have a hard time finding pellets anywhere locally, but you can always order pellets online, although the shipping costs will make them more expensive.

Considering upgrading to an alternative heating appliance? Contact us at Ace Chimney Sweeps to find out more about pellet stoves. We can help you pick out the best one for your home and professionally install the stove so that it will work efficiently and safely.