If you are looking for an alternative heating source to provide supplemental warmth to your home this winter, you do have a variety of options. Ace Chimney Sweeps would like to tell you about one of the most environmentally friendly choices: pellet stoves. Highly efficient, pellet stoves allow you to save money and energy while adding cozy heat to your home. This alternative heating source can heat an area of up to 2,000 square feet. Pellet stoves vary in size, and according to SF Gate, the U.S. Department of Energy suggests a 60,000 Btu stove to heat up to 2,000 square feet and a 42,000 Btu stove for an area of up to 1,300 square feet. Our staff would love to show you the different models of pellet stoves we carry and professionally install and help you pick out the right stove for your home. We would like to tell you more about the pros of pellet stoves to give you more of an idea of what pellet stoves can do for you and your household.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Pellet Heating Image - Elkton MD - Ace Chimney SweepsTypically, pellet stoves can be operated with a remote control, which gives you the luxury of starting a fire whenever you want by pushing a button from your couch. Your remote control will also allow you to adjust the thermostat. You will have to load the pellets into the hopper everyday, but it is so much easier to do than bringing logs of firewood from the outside storage shed. You also will not have to sweep up ashes from the floor after each fire, but you will need to remove ashes from the stove from time to time.

Environmentally Conscious & Efficient

Approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a highly efficient heating appliance, a pellet stove releases very few emissions and is less polluting. Furthermore, the pellets consist of recycled sawdust that was gathered from the floors of saw and lumber mills. The sawdust is compacted into small pellets, which are available generally in 40-pound bags. These bags of fuel do not require too much storage space, which is another advantage over a wood-burning stove.


An efficient and effective heating appliance, a pellet stove can provide comfortable and convenient heat to your home as well as a decrease to your heating costs this winter. Your initial investment in purchasing a pellet stove can be more expensive than other fuel types, but pellets are relatively inexpensive at around three to four dollars a 40-pound bag. The efficiency of a pellet stove allows you to save money and energy each winter.

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