Ace Chimney Sweeps Serves Delaware City

Anyone who loves water loves going to Delaware City — and we certainly never complain when chimney service or vent service calls bring us out to see Delaware City clients.

Ace Chimney Sweeps’ technicians head to Delaware City regularly for everything from routine chimney maintenance to new factory-built fireplace and chimney installations, and through the years, we’ve come to love visiting and getting to know the unique needs of Delaware City and its chimneys.

Some of our favorite things to do in Delaware City:

Enjoying The Waterfront in Delaware City

Whether we’re spending a day shopping and dining along the waterfront or on a boat on the Delaware River, Delaware City’s unique riverside charm is undeniable.

Visiting Pea Patch Island

Just getting to Pea Patch Island, via Three Forts Ferry, offers a taste of Delaware City’s charm. Once there, between focusing on natural beauty from the observation tower to learning about the Civil War history there, a day on the island is undeniably beautiful and entertaining.

Building And People Watching (And Shopping And Eating) On Clinton Street

As professionals tied to building and construction, we can’t help but appreciate historic buildings, from the gorgeous waterfront architecture to the simple fact that the handiwork of the pros who came before us is still providing enjoyment all these years later. And Clinton Street is a gold mine when it comes to historical beauty, with Greek Revival and Italianate buildings that have been restored and well-cared for. But the simple fact is: there’s good food to be had, too (it’s a more than worthwhile trek for fresh seafood alone).

Even With All That Love: Chimneys And Water Aren’t The Best Mix

The benefits of living in a waterfront community can’t be denied, but as chimney professionals, we’re also highly attuned to the challenges that come along with waterfront humidity.

Part of our job is to arm your chimney system to fight the encroachment of moisture. That can mean everything from inspecting your chimney for damage that might allow a leak to develop to installing important parts like durable chimney flashing.

After working in this community for decades, Ace Chimney Sweeps is equipped to help your Delaware City chimney system withstand Delaware City weather.

If you’re looking for a trusted chimney company to service your Delaware City home or business, look no further – Ace Chimney Sweeps would love to help. Just give us a call at 410-392-4596 or click here to schedule an appointment online!

Want to know if you’re included in the areas we serve? We’re proud to say that our capital city Dover is!

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