Ace Chimney Sweeps Serves West Grove, Pennsylvania

West Grove residents tend to be fiercely devoted to their hometown, and after years of visiting the area to provide chimney services to West Grove clients, it’s not hard to see why. A mix of deep history, small-town charm, and people who are dedicated to taking care of their homes and their community makes West Grove easy to appreciate.

West Grove’s growth has also given Ace Chimney Sweeps’ technicians the opportunity to make regular use of our broad training. Between West Grove’s historic homes and newer additions, we get the opportunity to do everything from installing new factory-built fireplace and chimney systems to replacing old and damaged flue liners in historic chimneys.


Our Services

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We have worked with Ace Chimney Sweeps for probably over 30 years now on our jobs. Always first class. Very knowledgeable in there field. Highly recommend them! Support a small family run businesses like this one. True customer service.

Doug G

We Specialize in Historic Masonry Repair

Historic towns like West Grove provide clear examples of why masonry materials have been used and prized in the building trades for centuries. When you see a historic stone building that’s still standing after hundreds of years, it’s obvious that building with brick and stone is well worth the investment.

The dangerous assumption that can come along with that, though, is the idea that masonry is impervious to damage or effortlessly strong. Masonry is indeed strong and durable, but like any building material, it needs attention and protection to remain that way.

If we’re talking about a masonry chimney, there is a mix of regular maintenance practices that we recommend to keep your chimney functional, efficient and strong in the short- and the long-term.

That includes having the chimney professionally inspected every year. During a chimney inspection, Ace Chimney Sweeps’ technicians will check every part of your system, top to bottom, to make sure small areas of damage aren’t affecting the system’s ability to vent or keep out water. If we find an issue, we’ll suggest the repairs needed to strengthen the chimney again. In the short term, this ensures that you aren’t putting your home and family at high risk by using a chimney that’s allowing smoke or toxic carbon monoxide into your living area or allowing moisture to get into the system and into your home. In the long term, inspections allow us to keep on top of small problems, so they don’t become large problems that can seriously damage or degrade your chimney.

Regular chimney sweeping is an important part of routine maintenance as well — creosote deposits and other combustion byproducts can affect your chimney’s performance and, over time, damage your flue liner. A damaged flue liner can mean damaged masonry, too.

Hire Us To Protect Your Masonry

If you have a historic chimney, the likelihood that the masonry itself has degraded somewhat is high. And degraded masonry generally begins to absorb water at a much higher rate — bricks and mortar are porous, so even new masonry absorbs some water – but older masonry can wick water in like a sponge. That can lead to leaks, further masonry erosion and other unpleasant (and typically expensive) problems.

We can help combat that masonry damage — and stop the moisture absorption — with a waterproofing sealant. Waterproofing protects the masonry, blocks water from leeching into the brick and mortar, and makes masonry leaks less likely. It’s a comparatively small but very worthwhile investment in the life of your masonry, whether you have an older or newer masonry chimney.

Whether you have a newer or older home, a newer or older chimney, Ace Chimney Sweeps can help care for your system. If you need chimney care in West Grove, give us a call at 410-392-4596 or schedule an appointment online!


Ace Chimney Sweeps has been serving and enjoying Wilmington for years, and we look forward to many more years of service to this area of our state.