Ace Chimney Sweeps Proudly Serves Wilmington

Ace Chimney Sweeps is based in Elkton, Maryland, and one of the great benefits of living in our area is the ready access we have to Wilmington, Delaware. And even if chimney service calls didn’t bring us to Wilmington regularly, we’ve come to know and love so many things about Wilmington, we’d certainly find ourselves in your neck of the woods anyway.

That said, on just about any given week, our professional technicians are headed Wilmington’s way for any number of chimney or vent system needs. If you need to schedule care, we’re here to help – don’t wait to call on us!

We Offer Regular Chimney Maintenance Services

Your annual chimney inspection is key to keeping your system venting properly and to minimizing the possibility of fire hazards and leaks. A regular chimney sweeping appointment is also a must – from creosote to other acidic deposits, the byproducts of combustion can do a number on your chimney without regular attention.

We Offer Chimney & Fireplace Repairs & Restorations

Our technicians are trained to handle any problem that might arise in any kind of chimney, from an historic masonry chimney with receded mortar joints to a brand new factory-built fireplace that requires a flue relining to vent properly. Whatever system you have, whatever problems come up, Ace Chimney Sweeps can help! Count on us for:

We Can Handle Installing All Your Fireplace Appliances & Parts

If you’re looking to add a new fireplace or stove to your home, we can install it, and we also carry a huge collection of the industry’s best appliances in our 6,000 square foot showroom! We sell and install new parts as needed, from chimney caps to chimney liners, as well as full-blown systems, such as:

Those are just a few of the services we provide — if your chimney or vent systems need attention, we’re here to help! We even do dryer vent cleanings and air duct cleanings!

Serving Wilmington & Enjoying Wilmington

Over years of serving our valued clients in Wilmington, we’ve found a wide array of local stops along the Wilmington Riverfront that we enjoy and recommend to visitors:

The revitalization of the area along Wilmington’s Christina River has brought a ton of benefits to visitors and locals alike, with new businesses, beautified landscapes and better (and cheaper) Wilmington Trolley access to the Riverfront. From eating, drinking and shopping to taking the family out and about, there’s tons to do. Some of our favorite options are:

Wilmington also hosts a mix of outdoor festivals and events that bring us to town, spanning from music (like the multi-day DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival downtown) to art (the monthly self-guided Art on the Town Art Loop) and beyond.

Travis was a rock star. He came on time, did a full cleanup and check of our fireplace, brushed and cleaned all the logs, and even took out the bottom plate to clean it, cleaned the windows really well, cleaned up after he was done, and left the place spotless. He fixed a problem we had with the fireplace going on and off all the time, and after he was done, he let it go on for a bit to make sure it was working properly before he left. He was very courteous, and easy to talk to, and answered all our questions to our complete satisfaction. He even was kind enough to help us schedule our next appointment in 2024. We highly recommend Ace Chimney Sweeps and Travis in particular. It’s really nice to see there are still people out there with such strong work ethics, and it makes me feel safer to use the fireplace this winter. I really hope we get him again, next August.

Sherine G.

Trust Us for Chimney & Fireplace Services

If you live or run a business in Wilmington and are looking for a trusted company to service your chimney or vent systems, we can help. Call Ace Chimney Sweeps today at 410-392-4596 or schedule an appointment online today. We’re happy to help!


If you live in Yorklyn, you can count on us for all your chimney, fireplace and dryer vent service needs. Find out if you’re in the communities we serve today.