When you are planning the construction of a new home, you have so many options to consider concerning just about every part of the house, including the type of chimney and fireplace system you want. You may have heard that more people prefer a masonry chimney; however, in new construction homes, Ace Chimney Sweeps often recommends choosing a prefabricated, or factory-built, chimney and fireplace system instead. We would like to tell you more about this type of system and its benefits to help you understand why we do make this recommendation to our clients who are building a new home.

A factory-built chimney and fireplace unit has been manufactured to work together as one complete system with all of the right speculations already set in place.

The entire chimney construction process is so much simpler when you choose to go with a prefabricated chimney and fireplace system because every part has been designed to work seamlessly and efficiently together as one unit from the hearth all the way up to the top of the flue. There is not as much of a concern of not meeting the proper codes because, according to HomeAdvisor, the height, width, and depth of the unit will be correctly proportioned. The process is much more streamlined and removes any guesswork that can be involved with fireplace design. You can trust Ace Chimney Sweeps to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly during installation to ensure your factory-built chimney and fireplace system works at its highest levels of both safety and efficiency. We pay very close attention to the specified clearances from the system to any combustible materials to reduce your risk of the occurrence of an accidental fire in your home.

A factory-built chimney and fireplace unit can be just as durable and attractive as a traditional masonry chimney system.

We are proud to work most commonly with the Ahren-Fire System, and one reason is its long-lasting value and pleasing aesthetics are actually quite comparable to the durability and appearance of a masonry fireplace and chimney system. Made from tough reinforced cast refractory materials, the prefabricated system from Ahren-Fire also features a realistic-looking brick pattern that looks great with every type of home decor.

In addition to recommending the Ahren-Fire System in new construction homes, Ace Chimney Sweeps also uses this same factory-built unit to bring existing masonry chimneys up to modern building codes. Considering building a new home? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our expert staff about choosing a prefabricated chimney and fireplace system for your new house.