Chimney Flashing - Elkton MD - Ace Chimney ServicesProtecting the chimney from water penetration is one of the most important maintenance responsibilities of a homeowner. Water leaks can cause a lot of expensive and extensive damage to a masonry chimney, which is why the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has called water the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys. For over 20 years, Ace Chimney Sweeps has been taking care of the chimneys in the Elkton, Maryland area, and you can trust our expertise on water penetration prevention. We can also find and repair any chimney leaks you may have. We offer a wide variety of water leak preventive services, and we would like to tell you more about one of the most important of these — our customized flashing installation and repair services.

What exactly is flashing?

A flashing system consists of metal sheets that are wrapped around the chimney where it meets the roof. This intersection of the chimney and the roof is one of the most vulnerable areas for water leaks because water from rain and melted ice and snow tends to pool in this area. You need a good flashing system to provide a watertight seal of your chimney. Over our years of working on chimneys, Ace Chimney Sweeps has seen a great deal of water damage that was caused by either a poorly built or a nonexistent flashing system. When constructing flashing, our CSIA-certified chimney technicians take precise measurements of this intersection, and we make sure that the flashing is able to expand and contract at its own rate without breaking the watertight seal. We can also repair your existing flashing system if it has been damaged over the years by bad weather or by wild animals.

What kind of damage can water leaks do to my chimney?

Water can be very tough on masonry materials, like the bricks and mortar of your chimney. Since these materials are naturally porous, they absorb water from rain, ice, and snow. During the winter, any water trapped inside the masonry materials will freeze and expand whenever the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When the weather warms up, this water thaws, and its force can cause the bricks and mortar to crack and break apart. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles can lead to severe structural damage, including the collapse of your chimney. Other types of damage that we have seen from chimney water leaks includes rusted metal chimney components, rotted adjacent wood, and stained ceilings and walls.


How else can Ace Chimney Sweeps help me keep water out of my chimney?


We also sell and install a wide variety of chimney caps that can protect your chimney from water penetration. A chimney cap is also the best way to keep wild animals like birds, squirrels, and raccoons from nesting inside your chimney. However, we feel that the best preventive measure you can take is to have your chimney professionally waterproofed. You can count on us to ensure your chimney is completely protected against water leaks.
A customized flashing system is essential in keeping water out of your chimney. Contact us at Ace Chimney Sweeps to learn more about all of our water penetration preventive services.