The arrival of spring brings warm weather, flowers, and birds singing, but it can also bring chimney water leaks. Winter weather can be tough on masonry chimneys. The bricks and mortar joints of your chimney are porous and easily absorb water, and this water freezes and expands within the bricks and mortar during the winter. As this water thaws, it can cause the masonry materials to crack, break apart, and even become loose. This type of damage creates gaps and holes that allow water to get into your chimney and home. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technicians at Ace Chimney Sweeps have years of experience with repairing and preventing chimney leaks. We take the CSIA seriously when they say that water is the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys because we know firsthand the devastating damage and deterioration water can do to a chimney. We would like to tell you how water can damage your chimney and how we can help prevent water penetration of your chimney.

Water Issues and Your Chimney - Elkton MD - Environmental Chimney

What kind of damage can water do to my chimney?

We told you about spalling, or freeze/thaw, damage above, and this is just one type of water damage. However, this damage can become serious if left unrepaired as it can create structural issues that can lead to the collapse of your chimney. When water gets into your chimney, it can damage the metal components, such as the liner and damper, of your chimney through rust corrosion. Water can even leak into your home through the chimney and cause the wood that surrounds your chimney to rot. Water can also create stains on your ceilings and walls.

How can Ace Chimney Sweeps protect my chimney from water damage?

We offer several services that can keep water out of your chimney. We sell and install high-quality chimney caps that will sit on top of your chimney and prevent water from rain and melted snow from entering your chimney. We also can construct and install customized flashing systems around your chimney where it meets the roof, which is one of the most vulnerable areas for chimney leaks. The best preventative measure to take against water penetration is to have your chimney waterproofed. We apply a 100% vapor permeable formula to your entire chimney to create a barrier against water being absorbed into the bricks and mortar joints that will give you a decade of protection against water penetration.

Ace Chimney Sweeps can also locate and repair water leaks as well as any damage caused by water penetration. If you have noticed any cracked or loose bricks on your chimney this spring, contact us to schedule a chimney inspection and prevent any further water penetration damage to your chimney and home.