Chimney Caps: Protection for your Chimney

During winter, chimneys are used to give warmth and comfort. You have to admit, fireplaces and chimneys are quite essential during the cold season. However, the weather conditions can be tough on your chimney; it has to endure the freezing temperatures while providing subtle heat for you and your home. The last thing you’d want is to worry that something will go wrong with your chimney while using it.Stone Chimney & Cap - Elkton MD - Ace Chimney Sweeps

So if you want your chimney to live longer and provide maximum output during winter, we have a simple suggestion that could save you a lot of trouble. Our CSIA-certified specialists here at Ace Chimney Sweeps recommend to have a chimney cap installed. It’s a good preventive measure to take so that your chimney will last longer and continue to be efficient.

Why Install a Chimney Cap?

The most basic reason is because it guards the chimney opening from water and snow.  During winter, snow is all over the place and when it melts into water, your chimney is its number one target. Water can be helpful to humans, but it can be destructive to chimneys. It can destroy the masonry brick walls, making it prone to cracks. That’s why it’s also best to have a chimney crown and chimney flashing to prevent the entry of water at any part of the chimney. This will stop the deterioration of your chimney brick walls.

Another reason is because it can prevent chimney obstructions, like fallen leaves, birds and other small animals from entering the opening of the chimney.  These creatures need to find warmth somewhere and chimneys are the perfect place for them to do so. Although all these things can ruin the inside of the chimney also.

When you have a chimney cap installed you get more benefits; more than what you pay for. You save a lot too, that’s the best part about it. You can now be confident that your resources will not be depleted because of chimney repairs caused by water damage or blockages.

Give us a call now and we can tell you everything you need to know about your chimney. We have the best CSIA-certified chimney sweeps that are ready to take on the task of installing a perfectly suited chimney cap, as well as servicing all your chimney needs. You can trust that here at Ace Chimney Sweeps we value what we do and we value you.