Ace Chimney Sweeps Offers Expert Chimney Care To Kirkwood, Delaware

Located in Elkton, Maryland, Ace Chimney Sweeps regularly heads over to Kirkwood, Delaware. Whether you have an older home with a long-standing masonry chimney or live in a newer building with a factory-built chimney system, our professional technicians can help you with all your chimney service needs, from installations to maintenance and repairs.

The Enduring Strength Of Masonry, And How We Help Keep It Strong

Kirkwood has a number of buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places (including The McCoy House built in the late 1800s and the Old Post Office, built around 1870) — and those buildings offer a view into early Delaware life, as well as a view into the durability of masonry work (something that, as chimney professionals, we obviously can’t help but appreciate).

People have been using brick and mortar in buildings for centuries, precisely because it’s beautiful and durable. But even with that durability, it takes upkeep to keep masonry strong, functional and beautiful.

Ace Chimney Sweeps specializes in masonry work, and that includes everything from the regular maintenance that keeps your chimney and fireplace in great shape to repairs and restoration work that might become necessary when problems arise. We can do everything from targeted tuckpointing repairs to a complete restoration of a failing historic chimney.

We also love to start from scratch — if you’ve had a custom stone fireplace in mind, Ace Chimney Sweeps would love to build it for you.

Arming Your Masonry For Extra Strength

The masons of yesteryear did some beautiful work in Kirkwood, and we love that we get to see and enjoy it today. But if those professionals had had some of the tools and processes we use now in their arsenal, bets are, far more of those structures would still be standing.

One of the great tools we have now: waterproofing sealants, which were formulated specifically for masonry chimneys. Waterproofing keeps your masonry from absorbing water and taking on extra damage, but it still allows the materials to “breathe” and vent vapors and small particles, which is part of a masonry chimney’s design. We’ve seen waterproofing extend the service life of masonry considerably — and it also helps minimize the possibility of a chimney leak arising from degraded masonry. We can tell you more about the benefits of ChimneySaver waterproofing products — just ask!

Are you a Kirkwood resident with a chimney system that needs attention or care? Ace Chimney Sweeps can help. Just give us a call at 410-392-4596 or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Newark, DE has a lot to offer its residents and visitors and we’re glad it’s part of our extensive service area.

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