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Ace Chimney Sweeps is based in Elkton, Maryland, and in our decades of servicing chimneys and vent systems, we’ve traveled throughout our broad service area to Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Unionville residents have long been a valued part of our family of clients. If you’ve been hunting for a trusted company to care for your fireplace and chimney system, we hope you’ll reach out to Ace Chimney Sweeps – we built our business on dependability, expert work and dedicated customer service.

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We have worked with Ace Chimney Sweeps for probably over 30 years now on our jobs. Always first class. Very knowledgeable in there field. Highly recommend them! Support a small family run businesses like this one. True customer service.

Doug G

Exploring Unionville’s History

Just about any professional who works in the home or building industries will admit to a strong appreciation for historic architecture and historic buildings. And throughout Chester County, you’ll find towns and villages and buildings that give a lot of insight into the homes, businesses, and lives of the early settlers of Pennsylvania. Unionville is absolutely full of historic beauty – and that includes numerous buildings in the Unionville Village Historic District, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

With a mix of Victorian-style homes, mid-19th Century townhouses and other masonry structures that’ve stood through decades and decades of winters, the historic district is a treasure, whether you’re a masonry professional who appreciates enduring workmanship or just a proud Pennsylvanian.

Ensuring Beautiful Masonry’s Longevity

Whether you have a historic Unionville home or a newer one, there’s a lot that you can and should do to maintain your masonry chimney and ensure that it stands strong for years to come (like those prized Historic District homes).

Being diligent about routine maintenance is key – and that includes having an annual chimney inspection and regular chimney sweeping done, to make sure that you have a clean flue and a system that’s in proper working order, bottom to top.

Protecting your masonry chimney against water intrusion is another important consideration. That includes having a properly sized and installed chimney cap, ensuring that your chimney flashing and chimney crown are in fighting shape, and more. Ace Chimney Sweeps’ technicians will assess all of those components during an inspection – but between inspections, if you notice that, say, your chimney cap has flown off during a particularly rough storm, give us a call.

We also like to recommend that homeowners with masonry chimneys consider having a waterproofing sealant applied. Waterproofing can have a marked effect on the service life of your chimney, since it protects the masonry, keeps water from being absorbed, and minimizes the chance of a masonry leak.


Our Services Summed Up

Reach Out – We’re Ready for Your Call

Ace Chimney Sweeps’ technicians are always glad to help our valued clients with recommendations and tips on caring for chimney systems, whether historic, newly installed, or somewhere in between. If your chimney needs care, give us a call at 410-392-4596 or schedule an appointment online today.


We’re privileged to travel to beautiful West Chester, PA to keep our clients warm and safe year round with our professional chimney services to the area.